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raw chocolate blueberry vegan fudge

January 29, 2017
Raw Chocolate Blueberry Vegan Fudge

It was a just a little under a year ago when Mike and I watched That Sugar Film. We went through the cupboard the very next day and that was the start of my journey and excitement around health. The first week or two of quitting sugar cold turkey is a damn roller coaster.Β One day you’re cranky as anything, the next feeling a bit weepy, then a craving will hit and all you want is CAKE. Then, A-HA moment, I can still eat cake – I just have to make them a little differently. I became the go-to raw cake person, making them for family parties and kids birthdays, even selling a few. I still love making raw cakes but regular cashews in that quantity can be pretty heavy on your digestion so I’m having fun branching out to other little treats lately.

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raw vegan gingerbread cookies

December 22, 2016
Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

My favourite thing about Christmas? Gingerbread. No contest. These Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookies have upped my Christmas gingerbread game! They take minutes to come together, then a couple more to cut out the shapes. Then a little time in the freezer, which isn’t even totally necessary if you don’t mind them being a little squooshy. Plus they’re only 10 ingredients, and that’s including spices and salt! It’s a Christmas miracle. Continue Reading…

small treats

welcome + almond butter tahini chocolate truffles

November 4, 2016

Well, hello and welcome to my first post.

I’m keeping it simple here, not too many words and not too many photo’s – you guys don’t need crappy iphone photo after crappy iphone photo, amiright! Once I figure out how to fix my actual camera though, you all better watch out! {Edit: camera has been fixed!}

Here’s my first offering. Deliciously easy chocolate truffles. These came about one day when I was seriously craving chocolate, but bliss balls just weren’t doing it for me. I needed that smooth & creamy chocolatey mouth feel. Enter these little morsels of goodness. They’re the perfect amount of sweet for me, a bit like an earthy version of dark chocolate truffles. Continue Reading…