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healthy vegan date + pecan breakfast cookies

February 9, 2017
Healthy Blueberry & Pecan Breakfast Cookies | vegan | gluten free | refined sugar free

Is there any better way to wake up and know you have a delicious breakfast waiting for you on the kitchen bench? These healthy vegan breakfast cookies are more than happy to sit there until morning, to be eaten with a hot cup of coffee or dunked in a ice cold smoothie bowl. Even more perfectly, to be grabbed on the way out the door and passed to hungry toddlers in the back seat! Ya know? These cookies are really simple to through together. They’re super tasty and pretty crumbly, so consider yourself warned – there will be oats and pumpkin seeds everywhere if one is given to a toddler. It’s worth the happy silence though.

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raw vegan gingerbread cookies

December 22, 2016
Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookies

My favourite thing about Christmas? Gingerbread. No contest. These Raw Vegan Gingerbread Cookies have upped my Christmas gingerbread game! They take minutes to come together, then a couple more to cut out the shapes. Then a little time in the freezer, which isn’t even totally necessary if you don’t mind them being a little squooshy. Plus they’re only 10 ingredients, and that’s including spices and salt! It’s a Christmas miracle. Continue Reading…