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raw mango macadamia cheesecake

December 15, 2016

Mango is about as summer as it gets. Add mango to a raw vegan cheesecakeΒ and you’ve got SUMMER! Then, add some crunchy macadamias and you’ve got Aussie Summer!! I know, I know, it feels like I’m rubbing it in for all you lovelies over where the sun currently don’t shine (much). Dude, get your mind outta the gutter, I’m talking about the NorthernΒ Hemisphere. BUT I’m not rubbing it in. I’m getting you excited for what is to come. Also, if you can get some frozen mango from your local market then you can probs make this right now! So it’s all good yeah?

I based this Raw Mango Macadamia Cheesecake on an Aussie summer classic – a Mango & Macadamia Weis Bar! Have you ever had a Weis bar? It’s an ice cream bar, made up of tangy mango sorbet and a strip of creamy vanilla ice cream studded with crunchy Australian macadamias. Continue Reading…