About Cashews & Cacao

Named after two of my favourite ingredients, ones I use almost every day. This is a recipe blog, where I ramble about parenting, gardening and living a slow, minimalist life.

I am on a journey of health, to find what’s best for my family and I. Every recipe I share here is part of that journey. My food philosophy is difficult to sum up, but I’ll give it a go. I believe that there is no perfect diet for the world. We are all genetically different and it’s important to recognise this when it comes to what we feed our bodies. As a general rule, it’s agreed by all, we need to have more fruit and veggies.

All the recipes shared on this blog are inspired by what my family and I eat. The large majority of the recipes on Cashew + Cacao areΒ plant-based, which is mainly to introduce people to a less processed way of eating. There will be no mention of refined sugars, even coconut sugar causes a sugar response in me and my little one, so we are all about natural sweeteners here. Almost everything is toddler-friendly, I will make note if it is not. I am passionate about celebrating food and family, enjoying whole food recipes and being kind to ourselves and the planet. I share mostly sweet treats, however I am hoping to branch out to sharing our families favourite savory meals soon.

About me

I grew up eating miso spread on toast. Washed down with a mug of yarrow tea, picked fresh from the garden.

At 5 years old I had three chickens, whom I lovingly named ‘Breakfast’, ‘Lunch’ & ‘Dinner’.

My hometown didn’t, and still doesn’t, have a McDonalds. The closest one is 50 minutes drive.

As a child I changed primary school nine times as my mum and I moved up and down the East Coast.

Food is everything to me; life, love, family, community, health, wellness, kindness, sharing, celebration, joy!

For the first 6 months of eating solids my daughter thrived from eating mainly plain yoghurt, slippery elm powder and breast milk. Not all mixed together….

I could listen to this Allen Stone song all day.

I live in a large 70’s home with my English mister, my two-year-old wild child and my bestie Loki.

I make kombucha using fruit instead of sugar, and I’ve been known to let it brew way too far, way too often.

I parent my daughter as naturally and gently as I know how, and I give myself a break when she eats Burger King fries in a Vietnamese airport.

I’m just learning how to garden and I’m already in love with it.

Sometimes I binge the worst shows on Netflix. I’m not even gonna tell you…

My family became free from sugar about a year ago and it has made a tremendous difference. Plus (naturally) sweet treats have never tasted better.

I’m a little bit addicted to my phone and I’m currently trying to kick the habit. Tips?

We co-sleep, use camomile tea like it’s going outta fashion and my daughter thinks that pawpaw ointment and rescue remedy heal all.

I love almond butter a little too much, considering the price.

I’m learning as I go.




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